@mjbright Consulting is a Public Limited Company (S.A.S.U), founded in 2018, based in Grenoble, in the French Alps, specializing in training and consulting services in emerging Cloud & IT technologies to enterprises.

The current focus is on

  • Container Technologies: Kubernetes & Docker
  • Infrastructure as Code: Terraform & Ansible
  • Policy engines: Open Policy Agent, Kyverno
  • Serverless


These subjects are covered in the various activities listed below


Company activity is centered around training, webinar, workshop or consulting activities through training partners, technology players or direct to enterprises.

Training is delivered using partner materials, our own materials and labs or bespoke materials according to customer requirements.

Online training is typically delivered on Central European Time Zone for European or British partners but also on other time zones for North American and Asian partners/customers.

Classroom trainings or workshops have been delivered across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Refer to the company Calendar for information about public training sessions

The following training offerings can be adapted to your training or webinar needs.

Training Offer

Building upon past Enterprise experience in Research, Development and customer Consulting in Cloud and Telecom domains we provide Training & Consulting services in areas of modern open source technologies for Cloud and on-premise computing such as

  • Kubernetes: Administration, Development & Exam Preparation
    • Kubernetes in Production: covering more advanced topics encountered when deploying Kubernetes
  • Terraform: Introduction & Exam Preparation
  • Container Technologies: Docker Introduction
  • Ansible: Configuration Management
  • Python: The most popular programming language in 2021 according to the TIOBE index
  • Linux

Emphasis is on practical use cases, covering the theoretical concepts supported by practical demonstration and hands-on labs and troubleshooting.  Quality of training materials is of paramount importance, comprised of slides and lab materials.

We strive to keep a selection of up to date courses available.  Courses are regularly adapted to specific customer requirements.

All courses aim to provide at least 50% hands-on exercises, a crucial element to learning.

Troubleshooting exercises are also provided and have proved to be particularly popular

Current Training Offerings

The follwing trainings have all been delivered multiple times and are constantly updated to address attendee feedback.  Content and duration can be adapted to specific customer needs.

Contents of individual trainings are available on the “Training” page

Refer to relevant site section to get detailed outlines of these courses

  • Container Orchestration Technologies
    • Kubernetes Administration, 4 days
    • Kubernetes Developer, 3 days
    • CNCF Kubernetes CKA exam preparation (*)
    • CNCF Kubernetes CKAD exam preparation (*)
  • Container Engine Technologies
    • Docker Introduction, 2 days
    • Podman Introduction, 2 days
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
    • Terraform Introduction, 2 days
    • Terraform exam preparation


Future Training Offerings

Planned offerings are listed below, but please let us know of your needs, we pride ourselves in the quality of our materials and our ability to adapt to customer requirements

  • Kubernetes in Production (Advanced), 2 days
  • Policy as Code
    • Open Policy Agent, 2 days
    • Kyverno, 2 days
  • Ansible Introduction, 2 days
  • Introduction to Python
  • Introduction to Linux (Shell)
  • Serverless (FaaS)
  • Git
  • Python, DataScience
  • Machine Learning, AI


Training Delivery

Trainings may be delivered

  • Online or on-premises
    • Online as full-day or part day trainings with access to lab environments
    • On your premises or at a convenient location – see Direct Trainings below
  • Materials
    • Using our own materials or partner provided materials
  • Hands-on
    • Of course a lab environment is provided so that students can put into practice the concepts covered in class
    • Exam preparation exercises as required
  • Direct to the customer or through partners
    • We are working with several US, Canadian, UK and European partners for training & workshop delivery
  • In France trainings can be provided according to the Qualiopi certification standard
  • As partner webinars

Direct Trainings

Training delivery can be direct to your organization on your site, or local facilities or online.

See Current Training Offerings below for details of available courses.

Need something special ?

Let us know, we are quite used to adapting sessions and materials to client specific needs.

Adapting to your requirements

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver trainings according to your needs, adapting to the student with ample demonstrations and hands-on experience.


Contact us at sales@mjbright.net for your specific needs, quotes for training whether for

  • on your site classroom training
  • in Grenoble premises
  • virtual classroom